Security System Audits – The Starting Point…

Published On: 9 August 2016

 You are handed a large building to manage, there are camera’s all over the place, you don’t know where they are recording too, there is locked rooms everywhere and you are expected to manage it!!  Sound daunting? The good news is that there is process for dealing with this situation. Its called a security system audit.render of the text audit and a magnifying glassMost security systems are existing so typically you would be inheriting existing equipment and configurations. You may have some information on this … and you may not.

The first thing you need to do is a security system Audit to find out what your dealing with.

Security System Audits allow a base level of understanding to be established. From there you can form a maintenance plan, budget for replacement components and also start to form an option on upgrades of different parts of the system and at what point in time you would need to do that.


A security system audit is essential is understanding how you would integrate or compartmentalise tenant security systems so it is cohesive with he base building or facility.


Security system audits are performed in the following process:

Create or obtain an asset register and list the device type (such as cameras, Access Readers or detectors) their make and model number and there age / condition.


3d small person makes a tick in cell. 3d image. White background.


Next we need to note the location of the devices, this is done through an AS-BUILT Drawing or marked up layout.

Locate the node or communication room and test all the devices to establish current condition. This should be recorded along with the audit date.

Next is the system architecture. We will show how each field device is connected to the main Security or Access panel, DVRs or Servers.. We draw a linked diagram that shows a clear outline of how all devices talk to each other. . This is particularly important when technicians attend site to fix a fault and allows them to understand the system and make the repair without major exploration.

Finally the software side of the system needs auditing. This involves accessing of the CCTV, Alarm System and Access control software (or firmware) platforms. We need to record the version details and locate the operations manual for the relative system. Again this will greatly assist the technician when he attends site.

Also while assessing the platforms we will need to ascertain if these systems have any relationship with other systems or networks within the building.Range-of-Skills-Circle-of-Competence

This can include fire, early warning information systems, building management systems, multiple site or locate area networks. Additionally assess what the links are between components of the security system and record these. For example do the intercoms integrate with the access control.

A network drawing should be put together explaining this.

Performing a security system audit will enable the effective maintenance, planning and management of the building or assets security system. Ultimately the correct base information will ensure that capital budgets are maximised and your security system is performing as it was intended.

H3C Plus perform security system Audits when they take over a site and as part of their service. Contact us today to arrange a site assessment.


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