CCTV Camera Shoot-Out

Published On: 24 November 2016

Recently we deployed a CCTV Camera Test Rig for a new Client, AKA “A Camera Shootout”, check out our Demo Rig.

What type of cameras should I install?
What brand do we look at?
What network and Video Management System do we connect them to?

If you are looking to install a new CCTV System or upgarde your existing, these are questions that will be rolling through your mind. So what do you do? Simple, H3C Plus are able to meet with you and work through your requirements and understand that there is not a one size fits all approach.

After we have assessed your requirements we will develop a portfolio shootofcameras and infrastructure that will provide a bullet proof solution for your installation. From there we are able to setup a live demonstration, this demo will consist of the suitable cameras, network infrastructure and of course the Video Management Sydtem (VMS) that best suits your needs. We refer to this as a Camera Shootout!

Given that the selected cameras will be installed on your site, the best way toprovide an accurate demonstration and enable assessment by you, our future client is to bring the demo to you, on your site, this is the process…..20161116_081134

We stage the equipment in our staging workshop, this involves the installation of the cameras on our backboard,
programming of the Cameras and configuration of the VMS.

From there we bring the demo kit to your site, we set up the demo rig in an area where you intend to install the new cameras, the reason for this is that you need to see how the cameras perform in the live lighting situation20161028_092201, scene complexity including people, object movement etc. We run through the demo equipment and explain what we have provided, this includes a compilation of detailed specification sheets for each camera. From there we will leave the system in place for up to a week in order to gather footage from each camera on the VMS, we can even re-attend during this time to move the rig into various locations within your site to collect further recordings.


We will attend for a review of the footage and discuss the details and performance of each camera through review of the recordings with you. We remove the rig and extract the footage in our office staging area for archive and future recall.

A follow up meeting is arranged and we present snapshots and video segments of each camera from the same periods, discussing the performance, availability, warranty, supplier support and of course cost.


Once the correct camera or cameras are selected we then include them in our quotation/proposal for the system installation/upgrade. At this point you have a clear level of understanding on the cameras performance and ultimately you know exactly what to expect once the system is deployed, there will be no surprises or disappointment with the end result.

H3C PLUS can provide you an onsite CCTV demonstration tailored to your requirements. Contact us today and speak to our experienced team to see what we can do for you and your project.

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