People Counting and Video Analytics – What is it? Can I use it to track the the affect of CONVID-19 on people flow through??

Published On: 23 March 2020

People Counting has always been a very broadly used term in the industry….. Traditionally private retailers, major stores, Museums, corporate businesses and sports stadiums used crude counters with a single, horizontal infrared beam across an entrance that counts when a person or object passes and breaks its beam.

These days there are a variety of ways that we can not only count customers entering your premises but also map how they move and interact with and throughout your building, providing occupancy counting as well.

Think of the value a people counting platform can give you to measure your people traffic into your professional business space during the current climate with CONVID-19.

The team at H3C can work with you to Consult, design and deploy or modify your existing or new People and Occupancy Counting Video Analytic platform.
We have access to a variety of different sensors and platforms with the support of the industry leaders to ensure that we find the best performing system for your requirements.