Electronic Security Infrastructure – How do you connect it on your sites?

Published On: 17 June 2017

Hi Everyone.

Nicholas Churchill here from H3C Plus Professional Security Integrators.

Today, I want to run you through the options available to you for connecting new CCTV Cameras, Access Control and Alarm Systems to your new or existing infrastructure.

We will talk about the different mediums that are best suitable for the small, medium and large assets that you manage as Asset and Facilities managers.

There will be many challenges faced on your sites with the way that cameras, card reader access doors, alarms and intercoms can be connected to the main network switches, head end video recorders, security controllers and servers.

There are 4 main methods for expanding existing or designing new security platforms, these are;

  • Copper cabling
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Wireless devices
  • Internet Services

There are limits to the length of copper cabling that can be used when installing cameras and other security devices. If this is the case we may need to look at providing an additional communications node/rack with a fibre optic link to the core system, from the new node we can connect the required device’s such as IP cameras and access controlled doors, think of this as an extension of your core site infrastructure.

Where you may have multiple buildings on one site we would look at interconnecting the buildings with fibre optic links and communications nodes similar to the previous example.

You may have a site topology where you have distributed, remote or regional footprints. Here we would look at utilising your existing corporate networks, dedicated wireless links or dedicated synchronous internet links.

H3C Plus have a great level of experience with all methods of cabling, installation and alternate transmission systems. Drop me an email if you would like assistance, advice or a fee proposals on your current or future Security project works.

Thanks for reading, until next time, Bye for now

Nicholas Churchill Senior Account Manager

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