Are all Security Integrators the same??

Published On: 7 December 2017

I was sitting in a cafe yesterday early for a meeting, it was about 7:45 at the local shopping centre. I noticed that there was a large number of real estate agent employees lining up for a coffee at the cafe I was at. Something stood out to me….. they all looked the same…… well dressed, well groomed and looked excited to be there. So does that mean that if they all look the same, that they are the same? Do they all perform the same for their clients and their principal? Undoubtedly not I would think…….

This got me thinking…. are all electronic Security Integrators perceived as equal at first glance by the client?

What makes H3C Plus unique is the time we invest in understanding our clients requirements, not only from a systems perspective but also operationally, we believe that the two go hand in hand to develop the strongest solution.

From our initial meetings, our new clients very quickly see how different we are from the other security integrators, from there we build strong relationships through our high levels of service support and project delivery.

We always look forward to meeting new clients and building new solutions, how can we help you??

H3C Plus – Innovative solutions, Superior Service.