H3C PLUS now provides 24/7 Monitoring Services

Security Monitoring and Guarding In addition to H3C PLUS providing excellence in the Electronic Security Field, we are also able to provide Security Back to Base 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Guards/Patrols as part of our service. Call us to day for a more in depth discussion surrounding your facility and how we can help with […]

People Counting – What is it?

People Counting and Video Analytics  People Counting has always been a very broadly used term in the industry….. Traditionally private retailers, major stores, Museums, corporate businesses and sports stadiums used crude counters with a single, horizontal infrared beam across an entrance that counts when a person or object passes and breaks its beam. These days there are a […]

What happens after your project is finished?

  When the project reaches completion and we have delivered the project successfully, on time and within budget we have a few items that need attention. So what happens next?   PRACTICAL COMPLETION A PC or Practical Completion Certificate is issued to the Principal, this will usually be the firm that we have contracted to for the works, […]

Where are we located – yes we can help you in your area!

Our Head office is located in Condell Park, Sydney NSW. This locale gives us a unique advantage to be able to service the CBD but also the greater Sydney region, North, South and West. We are able to reach as far as Darwin, Tasmania and as well across to our neighbours in New Zealand through […]

We are ready to help!

Our People We realise that our best assets that we have are the people that work for us. That includes our staff, subcontractors and suppliers. We have built very strong relationships with all of our subcontractors and suppliers, this provides a great level of support and strength to tackle any project, anywhere, anytime. Constant improvement […]