What is the advantage of working with H3C PLUS? Lets us explain. Consulting – Understanding your needs Not all of our clients are the same, they have many different needs, processes, policies and structure to follow. We understand that for each project, a different sized or styled shoe is required. Our Sales and Engineering team […]

CCTV Camera Shoot-Out

Recently we deployed a CCTV Camera Test Rig for a new Client, AKA “A Camera Shootout”, check out our Demo Rig. What type of cameras should I install? What brand do we look at? What network and Video Management System do we connect them to? If you are looking to install a new CCTV System […]

H3C PLUS Video Analytics

Video analytics is the capability of automatically analysing video to determine events. This video is to assist the asset manager to have an general understanding of the different kinds of analytics functions and what they can be used for. How does it work? Video footage is recorded in a recorder or a camera. At each […]

Security System Audits – The Starting Point…

 You are handed a large building to manage, there are camera’s all over the place, you don’t know where they are recording too, there is locked rooms everywhere and you are expected to manage it!!  Sound daunting? The good news is that there is process for dealing with this situation. Its called a security system […]

How does Security fit with IT?

This information is to assist facility managers in understanding the relationship, and conflicts between IT systems and Security Systems. For many years now, Security and CCTV Platforms have existed as their own systems, not connecting to the Corporate or Client networks. Traditionally there was always resistance from IT Managers when approached by the security integrator with […]

Planned Maintenance (PPMs)

Today we want to touch on a commonly discussed topic, the Planned preventive maintenance of your Security System or more commonly known as a PPM A PPM Consists of a planned maintenance or a scheduled service visit carried out by a qualified security technician to ensure that the cameras, servers, controllers, alarms, access doors are operating […]