Are all Security Integrators the same??

I was sitting in a cafe yesterday early for a meeting, it was about 7:45 at the local shopping centre. I noticed that there was a large number of real estate agent employees lining up for a coffee at the cafe I was at. Something stood out to me….. they all looked the same…… well […]

IndigoVision reliability selected by Canberra Centre for the Monaro Mall expansion

In July 2017 the Canberra Centre expanded their already sizeable mall in the heart of Canberra’s CBD, with the Monaro Mall precinct, named in recognition of the original Monaro Mall that opened on the same site in 1963. With the addition of the Monaro Mall precinct the Canberra Centre needed to expand their existing security solution […]

Where have all of the Apprentices Gone??

I remember a time when businesses invested in their workforce through indentured apprenticeship schemes. Unfortunately we don’t see this much anymore and I feel it is a great shame. The beauty of an apprenticeship is that the apprentice is provided with on the job experience alongside a tertiary education. The key here is that the […]

Product Certified CCTV and Electronic Security Systems Integrator and Installers

The Benefits of using a Product Certified CCTV and Electronic Security Systems Integrator and Installer. When engaging a Security Systems Integrator or installer for your new project, upgrade, service or maintenance scope why not take a moment to review their licences, qualifications and certifications. It is imperative that the security team you engage to work […]

Commercial Site Security Maintenance

Attention Facilities and Operations Managers. It’s Electronic Security PPM Spring Cleaning Time! Does the back of your security and IT communications rack look like these, we can help. H3C Plus can meet with you to review your site equipment and infrastructure including CCTV, Access Control readers, Alarms, Intercoms etc then provide you with a Preventative […]